Two training sessions for primary healthcare practitioners were successfully held between the 27-28th of June 2019 at the Cultural Centre and Library of Harmanli, Bulgaria.

More than 45 professionals of the Haskovo Region followed the training on “Access to primary care”.

The training sessions covered several topics and increased the capacity of healthcare professionals concerning disabilities. The overall training covered aspects that strengthened the professionals’ understanding of the context of primary healthcare and the respective barriers that people with disabilities face.

In both training sessions the following subjects were covered:

  • Introduction to Primary Health Care
  • Definition of Disability and the Epidemiological Data
  • Access to Primary Health Care for people with disabilities
  • Preconceptions and Stereotypes related to disability
  • Access of people with a physical impairment to Primary Health Care
  • Access of people with vision impairment to Primary Health Care
  • Accessibility of public buildings in Bulgaria – status and perspectives

The above issues were covered by lecturers from both sides of the borders and especially from PB 2 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In particular, the lecturers included Prof. Alexis Benos, and Assist. Prof. Emmanouil Smyrnakis of the School of Medicine that specialize in Primary Healthcare and Dr Panagiotis Tsalis, Georgia Fyka M.A., M.Sc, and Pashalina Kalle M. Ed. from the Civil Engineering School, specializing in accessibility for people with disabilities.

Agenda_Harmanli_training session 27-28 June 2019_group 1
Agenda_Harmanli_training session 27-28 June 2019_group 2