Thrace to evaluate the Primary Healthcare in Greece and assess it in comparison with the respective provision in Europe and the World.

The questionnaire includes questions concerning your experiences with the doctor, the healthcare centre and has been completed by patients in more than 34 countries in Europe and the world. The study results will let us know whether your expectations of the healthcare centre are fulfilled.


You are free to participate. If you decide not to reply there are no repercussions. The completion of the questionnaire is anonymous, thus we do not need to know your name. Nobody from the particular healthcare centre will have access to your answers.

How to fill in the questionnaire

The questions can be answered by choosing one or more of the answers that express your opinion on the subject. Sometimes the answer is simply “Yes” or “No” (or “I do not know”, in case you do not know the answer). Other questions have more statements from which you can choose answers. There are no right or wrong answers, all question have to do with you or your opinion.

Thank you very much for your contribution!

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